Relationship quotes which will make your time

Relationship quotes which will make your time

91. “A loving heart may be the truest knowledge. ” – Charles Dickens

92. “Do just just exactly what you did in the very beginning of the relationship and there won’t be an end. ” – Anthony Robbins

93. “Love alone can rekindle life. ” – Henri Frederic Amiel

94. “No relationship is ideal, ever. You will find constantly some means you must fold, to compromise, to provide one thing up in order to achieve one thing greater. ” – Sarah Dessen

95. “Souls have a tendency to get back to whom feels as though home. ” – N. R. Heart

96. “Each relationship nurtures a strength or weakness within you. ” – Mike Murdock

97. “A woman understands the facial skin regarding the guy she really really really loves as being a sailor understands the sea that is open” – Honore de Balzac

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